Kezia’s “megan fox” is Heaven to Me

Kezia’s “megan fox” is Heaven to Me

Listening to music on a Saturday night, I spent two hours listening for new tunes to add to my playlist. I walked out of my bedroom and returned shortly to hear one of the smoothest vocals on a beautiful guitar-based track. “Okay, who is this,” I asked myself. I started to tear up because this weekend was a rough one for myself. I gave this song a few more listens before the only light source in my bedroom was an LED lamp while sipping a bottle of Strawberry Banana BodyArmor.

A Tanzanian treasure by the name of Kezia healed my soul with her newest release “megan fox.”

“megan fox” implements so many sounds into one to create a dreamy, 90s pop sound with notable comparisons to Go Sailor, Dressy Bessy and The Softies regarding their Dream Pop style. And the video? Well, you would have to watch the magic for yourself. As if the song itself didn’t touch your emotions with a melodramatic spice, the ode to the 90s couldn’t be any more present. The music video is innocent, loving, edgy and rebellious. Sounds like my early teenage years.

“There’s no ceiling, only feeling,” tore me apart and made me realize how much I love my girlfriend and brought me back to life. What sounds like reverb added to Kezia’s vocals only gives the song more justice to pull on your heart strings. My only gripe about this song is it is so pleasing, that I wish it was longer. It’s definitely in my top 5 best songs of 2020.

If you are looking for a new sound that screams the Cardigans, Nirvana, The Softies and No Doubt, I urge you to head on over to Spotify and give Kezia’s music a listen, she is definitely one to watch.

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