True & Scary: What Did I See That Night?

True & Scary: What Did I See That Night?

This happened to me when I was living in a small town of Mansfield, Ohio. There is a street that leads to a highway that is always busy. A lot of accidents, robberies, theft and even creepy people with disgusting intentions if they had seen your children outside playing. The road I am talking about is South Main Street. Where I lived, there was a barbershop that was next to a house and a BP gas station. And the gas station? The gas station is right next to the Mansfield Cemetery! This spot is important for later on in this story.

I was doing what a slacker and procrastinator usually does on a Friday night, and that was watch TV and play video games all night. I got the sudden craving for Slim Jims and a Red Bull, so I grabbed my jacket off the bed, and proceeded to head out the front door about 11 PM at night. I made sure I had my Android phone and my earbuds to keep from being creeped out by the house across the way. From what I was told, a relative of the home owner was a crooked cop who planted a gnome figurine in the window to face the home my mom was renting. He did this because he wanted to watch my family and I for God knows what reason. All I know is, he was not friendly, and far from approachable.

As I was walking a block and a half away to head to the BP I mentioned earlier, I saw what looked like two people standing on my side of the street in front of me on the sidewalk. I thought “maybe they are waiting to cross the street,” but at this time of night, there was no traffic. Just semi trucks and the occasional car. The closer I got to the people ahead of me, the more they looked strange. It was an older man and woman in torn clothing as if they were homeless. When I say that they couple looked homeless, I don’t mean the sweaty, baggy clothes type, I mean what you see in the movies with a lot of clothes on and big coats with holes in them and beat-up shoes. As I walked by then, the man was nodding his head while resting his head on the woman’s shoulder…smiling. The woman was also smiling, but the smiling wasn’t the only thing that creeped me out, it was their clothes. This was the summer of July, and if you know how hot it gets in July, you would also be baffled by their appearance!

I hurried up, while glancing back at the couple, and crossed the street to the BP gas station. I say “hello” to the cashier, grab my snacks and drinks and went to pay for my things. As I looked out the Duchess Shoppe’s window, I noticed that the couple were gone. I wasn’t worried or creeped out by that, as I thought they left to go somewhere safe since they appeared to be homeless. I grabbed my stuff and left the gas station only to see the couple on my side of the street!

“What the fuck,” I said to myself. “How are they right here? What is going on?”

I am still curious to know how the couple disappeared when I glanced outside the window the first time, and not even 15 seconds later, they were now in front of me. I got close enough to look at their faces. Yup. It was the same man and woman with the same smile on both of their faces. Seeing them smiling and staring straight ahead made me feel sick to my stomach. To understand how strange this all was, you would have had to have been there.

“Who are these people,” I asked myself. “What are they doing out here, hitch-hiking?”

It wasn’t cold out, there was no traffic or anything remotely close to a busy street at 11:30 in night, but this couple looked out of place. The incredible amount of anxiety I felt when I was walking home made my walk that was normally 2 minutes long feel like 20 minutes. As I glanced back, there they were in the same exact spot when I left the store. Still standing there. But now, they were looking in my direction.

Finally making it home, I couldn’t get the thought of the couple out of my mind. Why were they out there? And why were they disappearing and reappearing like in the same location? You know, the cemetery was not too far from where we all were; the cemetery was right next door.

But would you like to know what the scariest part about what happened that night was?

From where the strange couple were standing, they could have watched me walk to my house. I lived right down the street in view of the gas station…

Here is a Google Earth aerial view of the location:

The two YELLOW dots are where I saw the couple. The CERULEAN BLUE dot is the gas station and the PURPLE dot is the entry into the Mansfield cemetery.

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