5 Disgusting Foods & Drinks That Will Turn Your Stomach

5 Disgusting Foods & Drinks That Will Turn Your Stomach

What is in your favorite snack? Read the product label and comment below!

What exactly is “flavoring?” And can the FDA approve of “ingredients” with less-than-savory backgrounds?

Here are five of the most disgusting foods & drinks that may make you think twice about consuming them ever again.

#5 – Chewing Gum & “Sugar-Free” Drinks

I have a lot of fun telling people about this one, especially when I told my girlfriend about aspartame. Aspartame, which is supposed to be a sugar-alternative, is commonly found in low-calorie or sugar-free sodas (or “pop” to some of you). Without any research at all, most consumers are unaware of an ingredient that has been said to be linked to “serious health problems” as found in an article from the good folks over at U.S. Right to Know. Problems in connection with consuming aspartame have been linked to cardiovascular disease, headaches and migraines.  For more information, click here.

#4 – Salad Dressing & Ready-Made Frozen Smoothies

I’m perfectly fine being looked at as if I was an alien from another world when I read product labels at my near-by Kroger & Target; it makes my day and my health happier. But what I am not fine with is the incredible amount of Xanthan gum found in most salad dressings, soups and syrups. Yup, that’s right – syrups. Your morning pancakes could be smothered in this stuff which may be the cause of your upset stomach!

Do you see the black mold on this broccoli? Yup, Xanthan gum is the cause of the rotting!

Xanthan gum is a bacteria that is often found on broccoli when it begins to mold – yuck! But get this, it’s used as a thickening additive that makes products more “stable.” I stood in Kroger for 30 minutes in the same spot digging for a salad dressing without this bacterium and it was very pricey but as equally worth it. One thing I have noticed is the “cross” next to an ingredient, including Xanthan gum. Too much consumption of any product using Xanthan gum can cause upset stomach, swelling in the intestines and making it harder to get rid of unwanted sugar. For more information, click here.

#3 – Sashimi

Forgive me, sashimi lovers, but i have to add this story and the reasoning behind this entry.

I have always questioned eating raw fish, no matter where it was prepared or who prepared it. I recently read about a Chinese man who had told his doctor about stomach pains and his skin being so itchy. The cause of his problems?


If this is what I can expect from consuming too much sushi, I’ll stick to my fish-sticks. Source: http://hk.on.cc

The Chinese man told his doctor about a dish that entails dicing raw fish into tiny chunks, but the fish may have had tapeworms eggs. Read about the story here.

#2 – Scuttling legs

In china, there is a gentleman that believes that cockroaches are high in protein. This idea is so appealing to him, that is goal is to serve cockroaches as a delicacy! This very incredible post from CNN has all the detail. Would you eat a cockroach?

#1 – Vanilla-flavored foods

This little guy has no idea what us humans have in store for his…um…never mind.

Not “vanilla extract” or “vanilla bean,” but vanilla-FLAVORED foods.

Can you believe someone had the idea to use castoreum, that beavers release to mark their spots, in order to flavor your favorite frappuccino in the morning? The minute I came across this Facebook post online about the origin or vanilla-flavoring, I thought it was ridiculous and that COVID-19 was driving people so insane to write such nonsense. But (no pun intended)…castoreum, which comes from a beaver around the beaver’s anus area, is the secret ingredient to making our vanilla-FLAVORED (or synthetic vanillin) foods and drinks. Cow poop and waste can also be used for the same purpose of providing us with those “awesome” flavors that we know and love! Here’s the link for more information on this (click here), enjoy that vanilla shake!


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